Vision Sensor
                                                                                     Profile check whilst production
                                                                                     Control of glue cover
                                                                                      Check of welds
                                                                                      Examination of SMD components, soldering paste cover in assembling machinery

                                                                                      Height measuring at mechanical components of each type
                                                                                      Improvement of image analysis procedures by means of the height information
                                                                                      Rail inspection

                                                                                     2D / 3D Zeilen Profil Senso
                                                                                     High Scan rates from 500Hz up to 2kHz (1kHz at 500Pixels/line)
                                                                                     Adjustable Z-measuring range
                                                                                     Resolution: ± 0.05 % of the Z-measuring range
                                                                                     Measuring accuracy: ± 0.2 % of the Z-measuring range
                                                                                     Data output directly in mm (32 bit floating point)
                                                                                     Flexible use for a wide range of applications

                                                           Technical Data:
                                                                                     Scan rates:
                                                                                         500 Hz at 1000 pixels / line
                                                                                         1 kHz at 500 pixels / line
                                                                                         2 kHz at 250 pixels / line
                                                                                     Z-measuring range according to lens and laser
                                                                                     Resolution: approx. ± 0.05 % of the Z-measuring range
                                                                                     Measuring accuracy: approx. ± 0,2 % of the Z-measuring range
                                                                                     Optimized for lasers with 532 nm (green)
                                                                                     External trigger facility (e.g. from an encoder)
                                                                                     Data format: 32 bit floating point in mm
                                                                                     Data output: Camera-Link (Base) or Gigabit Ethernet (Option)
                                                                                     Power supply: + 12 V (SELV), max. 0.5 A
                                                                                     Ambient air temperature: 0 – 40 °C
                                                                                     C-mount lens connection
                                                                                     CE Standard

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